Rheksetor Rheksetor is a fictional world brought to life in a modern AAA calibre game engine. It is a world of magic, technology, adventure and industry. Explore uncharted territory and gather vast riches to build your own empire. Rheksetor is being built in several phases...
Phase 1 Phase 1 is focused on establishing the basic game mechanics and features. It will aim to solidify how the adventurer interacts with the world of Rheksetor.
Phase 2 Phase 2 will focus on expanding the lore, resources, items, and immersion, breathing more life into the world, from individual NPC behavior all the way up to rising and falling empires.
Phase 3 Phase 3 will bring the game into the realm of multiplayer, with a server / client system that allows groups to play in their own economies, and to choose the level of social engagement. Play on a private server for 3 people, or host a massive world where multiple groups compete for control of Rheksetor.