Rheksetor Rheksetor is a fictional world brought to life over the course of several games. Each game will be a different genre, focusing on particular aspects of lore that are best presented through that genre.
Iteration 1 The first iteration is a top down 2D space shooter, set in the far future of Rheksetor and its neighbouring star systems. It focuses on the interstellar conflict between the elemental factions, and adventurers seeking vast riches.
Iteration 2 The second iteration will be a real time strategy game, transitioning to 3D using a modern AAA calibre game engine. Set much further back in the history of Rheksetor, before space travel, the player will manage a city and its population, and compete with neighbouring cities.
Iteration 3 The third iteration will bring the focus down to the level of the individual player character as they interact with other characters, try to survive in a bustling and evolving city, and eventually help it thrive.